Recipes and Cocktails


Get creative, make a drink and enjoy a night in with Peaked.
Our good friend Isabella Garland, has created some recipes for you to try at home for more information on her please check out Isabella's website.
head to to order a bottle and be your own bartender.
Remember practice makes perfect so if you dont get it right the first time you'll just have to make another drink *wink*


Spicy Peaks

Ingredients and method:

45 ml Peaked organic chilli vodka

15ml lime juice

15 ml honey syrup

30ml Egg white

Shake with ice.

Finish with a Chilli and salt rim

A nice bit of spice great for sipping by the fire.


The Vineyard Sipper

Ingredients and method:

45ml Peaked organic pinot noir vodka

15 ml Peaked elderberry liqueur

15ml lemon juice

15ml honey syrup

Shake with ice.

A warm and inviting cocktail perfect for sipping in the sunshine.


Orange Espresso Martini

Ingredients and method:

45ml Peaked organic vodka

15ml Peaked organic coffee liqueur

15ml Peaked organic toasted orange liqueur

15ml Espresso

15ml Honey syrup

Shake with ice.

Finish with coffee beans and burnt orange twist.

A rich coffee flavour with a back notes of toasted orange. A twist on a classic cocktail.


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