Our Ingredients

Here at Peaked we are passionate about what goes into our products. All of our ingredients are either organic or wild foraged. We believe in sustainable foraging; the rule of thumb being you leave one third for animals, you leave one third for others, and you may take one third or less.
In late November elder bushes all over central Otago bloom densely packed white flowers drenched in pollen that produce a uniquely sweet floral scent. It’s these flowers that you go our elderflower liqueur.
Around February elderflowers start to brown and drop off leaving bulging clusters of green berries that within a matter of weeks turn a deep port and become the vitamin packed superfood we turn into our elderberry liqueur.
Pinot Noir
We get a limited amount of Pinot Noir grapes from a local winery and with a bit of magic we make our Pinot Noir vodka. Every vintage is different and so each bottle is unique.
We currently have 2019 and 2020 vintages.

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