About Us

Peaked is a family owned and operated craft distillery specialising in small batch, hand crafted vodkas and liqueurs. Together we have breathed life into this dream and created a business.

Our master distiller Elliot has been dabbling in brewing and distilling since his teens. A passion he shares with his father Basil which started out as a hobby they did together. As Elliot finished high school, he studied food technology at Massey University and after graduating worked in several areas of the field. It’s through these experiences the idea for Peaked was born.

After travelling, spending time in distilleries, and meeting his partner Ashley along the way. The choice was made to take Peaked from a dream to reality.

We moved back to New Zealand and started research and development. Everything from testing the best filtration system to choosing the bottle, during this time we tried all sorts of macerations to see what worked and what didn’t, and we continue to explore more flavours.

We believe high quality ingredients make high quality spirits. All out ingredients are organic or sustainably foraged. Sustainable foraging means we leave one third for animals, one third for other foragers and we may take one third or less. In doing this we ensure there is enough to go around, and the plant remains a stable part of the ecosystem.


 All of the images you see on the peaked website were taken by the talented Isabella Garland, as well as being an amazing photographer she's also a skilled bartender and all of the recipes you see on this website were created by Isabella. For more information on her please check out Isabella's website.


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